Want to Cut Yuor Heels Down?

Each Heel is Different

If you want to have your favorite heel height lowered between one and two inches, but your measured them more than three inches tall. If it weren’t for the towering heel height, you might have a match made in heaven. 


You may not want the heels cut down to two inches because it will distort the way the show when you walk in them. As shown above, the bottom of the heel will not be flat and will wear out faster. The base of the heel will not be straight up and down and the weight of your body will put more stress on the heel and over time may break. When the heel base breaks you may lose your balance and sprain, or forbid, break your ankle.

A third to half of an inch may be the most you can do. Not quite the reduction that you hoped for? You may worry that the shoes will feel strange and imbalanced after the heels were lowered, but they actually may feel better once I’d put them through their paces. The front of the shoe will lift ever so slightly, but the balls of your feet may feel some relief as a result of a less steep arch. Overall, this may be a worthwhile exercise.

Stiletto type heels may not be lowered because most use a pin inside the post to help support the heel. Each stiletto heel is different so see us and we can let you know. 


How much can my heel be shortened?

Place your high-heeled shoe on the end of a tabletop so that the heel hangs over the edge.  Lower the heel until the back end of the ball of the foot touches the table.  The part of the heel that hangs below the tabletop is removable.

Take your shoes to a reputable shoe repair shop. If you performed Steps 1 and 2 correctly, the cobbler’s approximation of how much the heels can be shortened should closely match the table test results.


Altering heel height changes the structure and balance of the shoe at any length. It is rarely feasible to remove more than one inch from a heel.


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